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The story of St George and the Dragon
miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

This Thursday is St George's Day - the national day of England. 

In reality we don't know a lot about the real Saint George. In fact, he wasn't even English. Historians believe that he was born in Lydda - which is is modern day Turkey.

However, this absence of facts about the saint has allowed a number of myths and legends to emerge. The most famous story is called "Saint George and the Dragon." 

Saint George is associated with bravery, honour, and chivalry - this is no more evident than in the story about how he slew a fierce dragon to save a village. There are many different versions of the story but this one is the most common.

On his many travels, Saint George went to Libya. When he arrived there he found a lake, where a ferocious dragon lived. The dragon was terrorising the country and, every day, the people had been feeding the dragon a sheep to keep it happy.

When the sheep had all gone, the dragon had demanded that the people sacrifice a young maiden to him each day. Saint George found that all the young girls had now been killed and only the King of Egypt’s daughter was left. Unless a knight could be found to slay the dragon, the princess would be sacrificed the next day.

The King of Egypt had promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to the knight who could overcome the terrible dragon. Saint George was determined to save the princess, and the next day he rode out to the lake. When he arrived, he found the princess there, waiting to be fed to the dragon. Saint George sent her home to the palace and approached the dragon’s cave.

When the dragon heard Saint George’s horse approaching, he came out of his cave and roared at him. The dragon was huge and its roar sounded like thunder, but Saint George was not afraid.

He struck the monster with his spear, but the dragon’s scales were so hard that the spear simply broke into pieces. Saint George fell from his horse but did not give up. Instead, he rushed at the dragon and used his sword to slay it under its wing where there were no scales. The dragon fell dead at Saint George’s feet.


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