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A Coruña
Santa Cruz

The ideal way to speak English is to live abroad. We know that that’s not always possible and that is why we prepare you the best way in our academy. We offer you a wide programme of English courses in which you will be able to complete your formation thank our vast range of courses available.

- Variety of destinations to choose from: United Kingdom, Ireland, The United States, Canada, New Zeeland, South Africa and Malta.
- Total immersion in the language and culture.
- There are virtually no other Spanish students which will enable you to speak only in English
- Camps, family integration, popular tourist routes, non paid work programmes. Choose your experience.
- Programmes specialized in law, sport, medicine, fashion, architecture, business, etc.
- Family programmes available with the most suitable experiences for children and adults.
- From 2 weeks to a whole year.

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