If you cannot come to us, we offer you the possibilities of having our teachers go to you workplace and teach individual/group courses.

- In-company courses.

- Commercial, business and technical English.

- Translating and interpreting services.

- A wide experience working with companies like Alcoa, Applus, Asoc. Emp. A Grela, Baxter, BNP Paribas, Bricoking, Business Integration, BT, Carro Paramo, CEPRECO, Claumer Asesores, CXG, Delegación de Hacienda, Emetel, Fridama, Fundación “Juan Canalejo”, Genesal, Guardia Civil, M.I.P. Comunicación, Nestlé, OLF, Pfizer, PWC, R, Repsol, Tafiber, Tecnocom, Vodafone, etc.

- We also carry out courses through Tripartite Foundation.

- We offer a free class for you to try.