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The Direct Method is an oral method that allows you to speak English as if you were in the United Kingdom. In Speak English we chose the Direct Method because it allows you to learn English faster than with other methods. Whichever is your level, you will be able to learn English quickly or take an official exam thanks to the Direct Method.

Direct Method for English

The books for Direct Method for English (DME) are modern and designed for fast learning. DME books are the results of collaboration from a group of expert teachers with more than 10 years experience in teaching English. They help the pupil to use a wide variety of vocabulary as well as learning to communicate with success in English in an attractive and pleasant way.



The updated Direct Method for English offers:

- Clear page designs with nice graphics to make books easier to use.
- Updated and useful vocabulary (the course offers more than 5.900 words).
- Phonetic transcriptions of all new words.
- Interesting questions in every day English.
- Easy grammar (as well as extra grammar exercises).
The present second edition of the DME text books has been very carefully edited and improved based on the hundreds of comments received by teachers that have used the first edition.


Each DME designed to facilitate and simplify personal study contains:

- Two levels with all new words translated from Spanish and their phonetic transcription,
- Readings and dictations,
- Extra grammar exercises,
- Vocabulary index in alphabetical order,
- An mp3 cd with all new words questions and answers as well as dictations.

The Direct Method for English is a complete method that consists of:

- Pupils book 1-6 (12 levels),
- A cd with each pupils book,
- Grammar exercises in books 1-5,
- Teachers book 1-6 (12 levels),
- Graphics for book 1,
- Two games for level tests,
- An exam for level graduation, teaches manual.

We also offer courses in German, French, Italian, Russian, Portugese and Spanish for non Spanish speakers. + INFO.
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